A squirrel’s nest may not be what you expected…

A squirrel’s nest may not be what you expected…


Welcome to my blog - or should I say, welcome to Squirrel's Nest!   I fondly refer to our home as Squirrel's Nest in that my children started calling me the nickname Squirrel and now my husband almost always calls me his Squirrel (he is my Bear).  And this most certainly is my nest!

I have been nesting in this home for exactly one year.  And now I feel like my endeavors have come to fruition and are finally finished (as my husband rolls his eyes - he's not buying that)  All along, I planned and dreamed of turning my hard work (combined with much enjoyment) into a blog where I could share my new styles, up-cycled thrift store finds and handmade decor.

This "nest" is a rental home located in Federal Way, Washington.  Last year when we were looking for homes in the Seattle area, my husband found this gem.  I was still residing in Southern California, so I was "helping" from afar.  Just seeing the pictures listed online and the ones that he sent to me (can you believe he missed the living room? Men!), we knew this was the house for us.  Now granted, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, it is a little big for the two of us, but he has four boys and I have three girls (cue the theme song of the Brady Bunch) and we NEED the room when they are visiting.  Not to mention, it gave me lots of opportunities for decorating!

From the moment you walk up to the front door, this home tells you that it has a style of it's own.  I just had to incorporate it with my style.  You are going to notice that this blog and it's contents don't look like other blogs out there.  You'll see a fresh outlook on different styles and get to see the process of decorating a full house.  All this is from a squirrel's unique perspective (most likely using spray paint).  

So come let me show you some of the sights around the Nest.

 The front entry, exterior and upper floor has a very Japanese feeling.

The front entry, grounds and upper floor have a very Japanese feeling.

These are photos of the yard and views from the deck (I promise that photo quality is improved for future pics and blog posts).  I love that we have seasons, sunsets and squirrels!

I'm so happy that you stopped to take a look a my new blog.  There is much to come as I have so much to share!  I will be showing you each room and the progress I made throughout the year.  I also have many DIY projects to show you as well.

Please, if you have comments, I'd love to hear from you.

All my best,

Stacey - aka, 





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