A Room With A View

A Room With A View

What a View...

When I started this post and was thinking of a title, I could not think of anything else.  I am a lucky girl.  I live in a glass house and I have an AMAZING view of Puget Sound.  

This house was custom designed by the owners in the 1950's and it was designed around the view.  They were one of the first to build in this area and they had every advantage with the plot that they chose. 

The view from the living room, dining room and master bedroom.

The entire back of the house faces the Sound and it is ALL GLASS!  I am getting to be an expert on window cleaning.

This is the back of the house. The upper floor is the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room and three bedrooms.  Downstairs has the craft room, TV room and two bedrooms.  The sun room encloses the pool.

When we were looking for homes in the Seattle area, we could not pass this home up.  And I am thankful every day that we didn't (thank you to my husband who makes all this happen).


When you walk in the front door, the view is the first thing that you see.

Let's just say that I could not wait to get started decorating!  My husband already had the white leather furniture (we were newly married and combined two households) and it was the perfect compliment to the plush white carpet.  Being a savvy decorator, he suggested that we work with the turquoise that the front doors are painted.  And it all started from there.  He picked out a gorgeous oriental rug with a hint of teal (the rolls in that carpet are the bane of my existence).  I already had silk screen prints that my mother owned from when we lived in Okinawa that matched perfectly.  

Restaurant quality views from the dining room

The living room went through many evolutions.  We were basically starting with no decor to go with this predetermined Asian them.  My pre-existing decor leaned towards an Italian Villa.  His decor was white leather with a splash of orange and a hint of bachelor.  

This room has built in shelves...that only meant one thing...shopping!  I walked into Home Goods and the gods of decorating were smiling down on me that day. Everywhere I looked was Asian themed and teal!  I surprised my husband didn't divorce me...

The only thing, was that although these knick knacks were technically  what I was looking for, I wanted a more authentic feel.  Not so commercialized.  So I "squirrelized" them (that's what my husband calls it).  I painted.  I waxed.  I distressed.  I did everything to make these items look like I didn't go on a mass shopping spree at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Goodwill.  

In addition, I had some items passed down from my mother.  She had an amazing Oriental collection.  

Dining in Style

The living room blends into the dining room and they share the same gorgeous view. When eating at the dining room table, you can enjoy the view of the outdoors and enjoy the fireplace in the living room.  Both room were designed with custom lighting, so the ambiance is always on point!  

Do you love my hydrangeas?  They are from the garden last year and were so easy to dry and arrange!

The sideboard was left behind by the owners and I was very happy about it.  I fought with myself over and over again about how to style it.  I think I am happy with it now. Time will tell.  

 I will be posting details of the wine box and the mirror wall hanging in future posts.

I will be posting details of the wine box and the mirror wall hanging in future posts.

Thank you for stopping by...I hope you enjoyed the view.

All my best,




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