Potting Bench Styling

Potting Bench Styling

Styling A Potting Bench

I've never had a green thumb.  It just didn't work for me.  But all of the sudden, when I moved to Washington, I developed an interest in planting flowers and herbs.  And what do you know?  I didn't kill them!  Now, my father told me that growing plants in Washington is a sure thing for anybody (he just moved here as well).  Considering that the last places I lived were Southern California, Las Vegas, and New Mexico (all with temperatures that rival the surface of the sun), he might well have a point.  

The owner of the home that we rent was very active in her garden and there are many exotic and beautiful flowers that she had planted.  I guess that you could say that she was my inspiration!  Here are some of the plants around the house.

She had a very functional potting bench that I had been using, but as I was getting ready for a family reunion, I became interested in making the potting bench a place that I could showcase potted plants and even use as a sideboard to the seating area and fire pit.  

This is what it looked like before.

I did what I always do and went online to Pintrest for ideas.  There are so many concepts and I wanted them all!  But, I just really couldn't pick a direction.  I just knew that it needed paint and that I wanted a backboard and a shelf.  I decided to wing it.  So off to Home Depot (just give me a reason).  I picked up twelve of the six foot cedar fence boards.  I love working with them as they are light, and inexpensive - about $2.75 each.  I also picked up tie plates, wood screws, paint and two ornamental shelf brackets.

I gave the bench light sanding in the spots where the wood was chipping and sanded the boards.  Then, using Rust-Oleum latex paint, I painted the boards and main parts of the bench satin nutmeg.  The legs were painted using paint that was leftover from the trim on the house (I want it all to coordinate).  Two of the boards I stained with Varathane wood stain and then cut to size. Those two boards were to become the shelf and were going to frame the backboard.

Leaving the boards full length, I used the tie plates to secure the boards together on the back side. Needless to say, it was wobbly, so that is where the decorative frame comes into place.  I secured the frame onto the front - it looks pretty and stabilizes the boards.  At this point, I was wondering how I was going to attach the whole thing to the bench.  Let me tell you now, if there is a shortcut, I will find it.  I just leaned the boards against the wall and pushed the bench against it.  Problem solved and it's not permanent if the owners decide not to keep it.

After painting my shelf brackets a burnished copper, I used them to install the shelf.  It was looking okay, but it was still plain.  I recalled that Michael's had copper tiles for $1.50 each and of course now I NEED THEM.  While I was at Michael's, I saw that they had matching mini pots...by now you have figured out that I NEEDED them too!  I would figure out what I would do with them as I went.  


I was able to glue these tiles onto the boards using E6000 adhesive (I've included affiliate links so you can find the products I use),  and clamps.     

Do you love my copper lanterns?  They are one of my Goodwill finds! 

By now, I have wrapped succulents in burlap and planted them in the mini pots, followed by a quick prayer for them that they don't die.  Since the pots have rings on them, I knew I had to hang them...but how?  I grabbed an old curtain rod and painted it burnished copper and used some shower curtain hooks that I had on hand.  Voilà!  So cute!  The other planters are Dollar Store and Goodwill finds, with a healthy dose of spray paint.  My husband still laughs that I painted the green watering can bronze.  


Here is my finished project.  The bottom shelf needed something, so I used some cedar fence boards and made a box and filled it with Dollar Store flowers (don't tell!).

Now I have a pretty place to keep me inspired to NOT KILL the plants.  To date, I have potted 52 plants that are still living.  For me, that is a celebration!

And as an added bonus, this bench doubles as a sideboard for S'mores, drinks, etc. when sitting around the fire pit (that is my husband's project, I can't take credit for it).

Stop by for S'mores!  I'd love to have you.

All my best,




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