Wild West

Wild West

Welcome to the Wild West

When I had a deadline to get the house completed by the time we hosted a family reunion, I was challenged to come up with decor schemes.  I knew I didn't want all the rooms to look the same and my budget was limited. Now, I wouldn't say that I'm a pack rat...I just "squirrel" things away for when I might need them.  So I had odds and ends from previous homes I decorated.

In the case of this room, when I asked my oldest daughter (she is my sounding board for decorating) what she thought I should do, she instantly replied "Western Chic!"  I wasn't sold on the idea until she started sending pins on Pintrest.  I then saw ideas that I could incorporate items I already had and that I knew that I could make a lot of the decor myself.

It started with painting the room.  It was a sky blue that I didn't think that I could work with. I thought that a more neutral color would be the way to go.  

Getting Started...

When starting a room, I like to gather pics for a mood board.  Then I started pulling together items that have a similar look and theme.  I start grouping them together and then the ideas start to form.  After that, almost nothing escapes being "squirrelized"!

Western Ikea Hack!

I love the way this came out!

If you can't buy it...

Then make it!  There's no way that I could afford to purchase everything.  But I think I'm pretty crafty.  Here are some of the things I made:

Granted, it is a bunch of modge podge gathered in one room, but I think it came together well.

Lovely Ladies

These lovely ladies are no longer with us...but they are always in our hearts. From left to right:  Ryan's mother, my Nana, my mother.  

Whose bed have your boots been under?


You're welcome to come stay...just make sure to remove your boots!

All my best,

Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

A Room With A View

A Room With A View